Bounce n Bounce

Good evening my dear readers. Tonight i simply would like to share what i felt over certain things that had happened in my life a few years or months ago. Over a split second i felt like crying to myself over my own stupidity in trusting a complex another till the extend of my entire happiness relies on the other happiness. I felt like a loser for giving in to every demand and for that, i felt utmost foolish and lame about myself that it simply make me learnt life the hardest way.

Not to trust anyone easily or infact no one can be trusted.

Why was i a follower back then? Why do i love someone so much and in return i gave my very trust into that person who simply breaks every little trust i had in her? Hasnt the previous years lesson a good one till i all ow myself to be trap again and this time a very very dangerous trap that i have gotten over with.

A lier is a lier.

Guess im too nice to forgive and allow that other to smile more and im, the unhappy one.  Am over and no more and i feel great. Guess this is God’s way of telling this is for the best.

May i stop letting myself be trap again.



Nawal Al Zougbhi

Nawal Al Zoughbi a lebanese singer born 29 June 1972 and currently age 39 years old, is the oldest sibling and is a single parent after having finalised her divorced in 2008. 3 Children under her custody.

She is the most popular lebanon singer and her songs are often sang in many arab clubs and locally.

Her Hit song includes Maloom, El Layali and also many many others.

A BeginninG

Assalamualaikum to all my readers. Good evening and Namaste to all. Sorry thats the only languages i knew on greetings. Its midnight and im only home about an hour ago and there has been alot that i would like to share beginning from my life,to movies, and lastly to what i simply would like to type in my journal for your views. My apologies if my entries may seem bored but sincerely from the editor note, may what i experience and share be a delight for all hehe.

For tonight my mind went blank currently and if i continue typing it will be simply a longwinded statement of fragments so to straightened my entry, allow me to share a song with my guests. A song that really touches my heart and the elements of the music is simply sweet.



ThaiLand Golden Mermaid Statue

Something fascinating and exquisite i would like to share with my readers about a statue that has been the highlights of Thailand beach and as claimed by the townfolks, the history of that statue existence is real.

Ever heard of Ariel, the little mermaid ? Well this isnt Ariel but Songkla Thailand national mascot and also the main tourist attractions as everyone would like to take a picture with her. Observe this statue.

This history goes as one of the Thai folk, a fishermen spotted a golden look alike lady near the beach combing its golden hair. Just as he approached, she dive into the sea revealing a shimmering golden Fish like tail from her bottom waist onwards and never resurface again. One day, Thai Prince was walking along the shore, get into his royale ship but due to the waves, he drown and was saved by a golden lady from the sea with a tail. He drew a description and it seem like a Mermaid.

He ordered the best Gold and Bronze scupltor maker to carved that mermaid from Solid Bronze. 

Jasmine and roses are offer to her as more and more sighting are heard whenever items or people drown in that sea saved by a golden lady. Assuming and believing it might be that Golden mermaid, she is being worship as a goddess.

Tourist are free to took pictures with her and this is a must see tourist attraction when one visits Songkhla Beach.

Overlook behind her is the South China Sea where the infamous Nyai Roro Kidul lives in – An indonesian Folklore about a Sea Queen who controls the ocean if the south Sea.

Hope you enjoy reading :)

Issadiweddings Deco Part 2 – Perfect

Hey my beautiful readers, first up i have to apologise for my long absence from blogging and yes i have a lot of reviews i wanna share so lets begin with this first fascinating continuance chapter im sharing.

Bride and Groom, i really have to say this that Issadiweddings that i stumble upon in my Facebook while selecting a bridal couture for my elder sister soon and yes just to let you readers share my happiness, it will be my pleasure as my sister wedding planner or simply her beloving sibling, i will engange ISSADIWEDDINGS for their wedding officially and it will be a matter of months before we actually contact this bridal couture for my beautiful service.

I did write a review on theirs before and yes they still made me proud, The damask is just getting better and i really will encourage anyone to sign them up because honestly none of the other bridal in singapore have capture my attention up to 150% totally in terms of deco but this One has does and still doing. Take a look at some of their new creation. For more info do click on ISSADIWEDDINGS at facebook and add them up. You wont regret my fellow brides and grooms to be.

The pictures of theirs that made me simply in love with theirt perfect work. One day i hope they can have a open house or tour or even if they have a booth in the Expo during the Pameran Pengantin, that will simply made me come down to view the services cause i value perfect services and yes i can say that their pictures look perfect and is PERFECT!

So take a look. Amazing!!!

Am eagerly awaiting for the day my sister will decide for the big day and immediately this bridal couture i will use  for their exquisite services!!!!

Good job Issadiweddings. You guys are the first among other bridal couture in my eyes!!!

Issadiweddings Deco – Ishq Recommends

Hey Lovelies and a very good Day For this Saturday ahead. Before i begin other stories of the day, there is these particular wedding style by Issadiweddings Decor and readers, you can simply click on your Facebook by the name and you will be link to their page where they display a wide variety of exquisite designs they have made.

One thing that touches my attention is their touch of combination between damask designs and also the collaboration of chandeliers and colour setting. As all would have guess my No 1 love is a damask pattern – Victorian style, and so these are the few pictures of their bridal bedroom designs which i like and seriously recommend all to consider getting their assistance for you big day.

Exquisite isnt it. :) The details are simply finest and they are of newest era and collaboration of excellant colour theme!!