A BeginninG

Assalamualaikum to all my readers. Good evening and Namaste to all. Sorry thats the only languages i knew on greetings. Its midnight and im only home about an hour ago and there has been alot that i would like to share beginning from my life,to movies, and lastly to what i simply would like to type in my journal for your views. My apologies if my entries may seem bored but sincerely from the editor note, may what i experience and share be a delight for all hehe.

For tonight my mind went blank currently and if i continue typing it will be simply a longwinded statement of fragments so to straightened my entry, allow me to share a song with my guests. A song that really touches my heart and the elements of the music is simply sweet.




One thought on “A BeginninG

  1. Latanya says:

    Hey, cool content, but WordPress breaks it up on my monitor. Maybe it’s the plugin you have on the site. Have you considered a different CMS?

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