Bounce n Bounce

Good evening my dear readers. Tonight i simply would like to share what i felt over certain things that had happened in my life a few years or months ago. Over a split second i felt like crying to myself over my own stupidity in trusting a complex another till the extend of my entire happiness relies on the other happiness. I felt like a loser for giving in to every demand and for that, i felt utmost foolish and lame about myself that it simply make me learnt life the hardest way.

Not to trust anyone easily or infact no one can be trusted.

Why was i a follower back then? Why do i love someone so much and in return i gave my very trust into that person who simply breaks every little trust i had in her? Hasnt the previous years lesson a good one till i all ow myself to be trap again and this time a very very dangerous trap that i have gotten over with.

A lier is a lier.

Guess im too nice to forgive and allow that other to smile more and im, the unhappy one.  Am over and no more and i feel great. Guess this is God’s way of telling this is for the best.

May i stop letting myself be trap again.



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