Remembering Aaja Nachle – Madhuri Dixit

“Sometimes i forgot to cut the film reel as i watched Madhuri dances through Aaja Nachle title song and it mesmerizes me ” – Cameraman

“Looking at Madhuri Dixit and teaching her one step, she does it a thousand times better” – Vaibhavi Merchant


Madhuri Dixit is officially selected to be the Heroine of the custom designed movie just for her by Yash Chopra

November 30 2007 was the official date that has made everyone waiting for the release of Madhuri’s Comeback movie after a long hiatus after Devdas that scores her the Best Supporting actress by FilmFare. During that month i still remembered repeating the 30 secs Aaja Nachle title song clip on youtube over and over again and being able to get my ticket on that release day was a major wow for me as im one of Madhuri’s Fan. Till today Aaja Nachle is my fave among others and it is a gem to have the dvd as a collection.

Aaja Nachle

A musical film based on dance and love is the theme and it all begins with Dia, a trained bestest choreographer from New York after leaving her town of Shamli culture bringing a daughter as a single Mother. In new York she was the leader of a dance group and this movie hit it with a westernized dance move that simply brings Madhuri at the age of 40 still got what it takes to gives her the title :

Queen Of Bollywood

Dia (Madhuri Dixit) is a divorced mother living in New York and must go back to India after she receives news that her dance guru is on his deathbed. When she arrives in Shamli, a small city in western Uttar Pradesh, she finds that he has died and left her the responsibility of saving and reviving the Ajanta Theater where she used to dance. The Ajanta Theater has not been danced in or cleaned in the longest time. She enlists the help of the village doctor who informed her about her guru’s illness.

Who would have forgotten Dia’s Dance song title Aaja Nachle to wint he support of the townspeople to save Ajanta. Remeber the black and shiny blue Ghangra she wore for the dance. Amazing

The problem is that a political leader (Akshaye Khanna) wants it torn down and turned into a shopping mall. The storyline follows Dia and her challenge to stand up for what she believes in and fight for the cause to the end, while trying to win back the love and support of the people of the town whom she walked out on ten years ago. At first she tries to dance like she would when she was at home, but no one was impressed. She was shocked by how much has changed, but didn’t give up. How she does it starts with her idea of creating a musical like she did when she lived in India. Tryouts begin and so do stories. In the end she wins the Aajanta interest but how she wins it is a must for you to watch!


The movie is a complete theme and it amazed me till today of how Vaibhavi Merchant choreographed the Last climatic scene of the Laila Majnu Play that is the main highlight 20 minutes for the ending. Simply captivating. Madhuri donning bright clothes and ghagras makes every seconds of her appearancea speechless appreciation.

Watch this clips and lastly, i will give 10/10 for this movie and to all Madhuri’s fan this is a gem to collect. Pictures are coutesy of other blog pictures found on the net and synopsis are taken from wikepedia and my own interpretation. Thank you to all who have snap these pictures. They are awesome. Watch the making of Aaja Nachle – A Madhuri Special


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