Walt Disney : The Prom

This Evening im going to share with you a beautiful movie about teenage and young adults love, college, Proms and making the right decison in lovelife. Yes, the hint is there and its none other than Disney The Prom which hits cinemes mid 2011 and now out in Blue Ray and Dvd. I watched it and yes i fall in love with the characters and how they interprete their lovelife and the beauty of their problems which became a highlight of what we can relate with. Enjoy my reviews adapted by wikepedia and my interpretation

The Prom

Class president Nova  has been planning the school’s prom. “Bad boy” Jesse Richter (Thomas McDonell) has been missing school lately and showing other “unacceptable” behavior, such as riding his motorcycle on school grounds. Principal Dunnan (Jere Burns) has a talk with him, but is not satisfied with Jesse’s attitude.   The shed where the prom props and items are kept catches fire and burns down. The next day, a devastated Nova, with no decorations and only three weeks to prom, asks her friends for extra help which they all back out of.

Principal Dunnan, seeing her dilemma, has an idea, and forces Jesse to help her for Prom, or he won’t graduate. Although Nova and Jesse both are unhappy with this situation, they comply anyway. As the date becomes closer to prom, Nova and Jesse grow closer while working together.

Nova, class president a major highlights in her academic career was stop by her dad upon having any feeligns for Jesse which in return makes the dad confronted him to stay away from his daughter. Thus doign so, Jesse reacts with a hostile and Nova became hurt by that emotionally and her dad admitted making she feeling utmost disappointment in her dad for ruining a chance of her having great memories with a date on prom nite. With whom she has made prom a reality after everything is burned down.

A movie filled with love and realistic confessions and life, this is one great movie. The ending? You watched it to find out cause i wouldnt want to ruined any surprise haha.

09/10 is my rating for this show.


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