Short Entry

Currently i am sitting right infront of my computer after a long hiatus of spending time with just my iphone, i have been thinking of getting Sony Ericsson Xperia and if its a worth it or not and i am still thinking so pending mode is on.

Really really am tired of seeing  any drama and every time and i just want to ignore completely but that is super immature and i have to be professional cause we are of different line and i have to be mature in this. I have to stop even interacting and thats is the best for all and if a work needs us that we can work professionally and i should focus on those in need of my assistance.

Indeed history should never ever be repeated and things happen due to temper becoming ugly and my temper is uglier and that is something not healthy or need to be repeated. May god assist me in remaining calm and gentle.

This moment i felt better and yes like a senior once said, just ignore and does it matter. No. So move on. haha. Now that meant something at this juncture. However we did solve things out just now upon my approach and she agreed on this approach and may my upcoming days be a better tomorrow.

My port dickson trip has been cancelled but Malacca is on and that doesnt sound so bad cause there is nothing much i can do in Port dickson after the last visit we have circled the whole Port Dickson till even th 14 century Tomebstone we can find. How powerful is our navigation hehe. Ok  so we shall create the same magical memory at Malacca. Looking forward to it. Sweet.

Ok my end of year entry is coming soon as always and this year is no different.

Nitey Nitey


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