Happy New Year

New Year is just hours away and as promised, this is my end of year entry and i shall summarize what i have experienced and looking forward to in the upcoming year 2012.

2011 Begins with a continuation of my Previous job as part of the Changi Airport customer service where i was entrust with mulitple responsibilities and even manage to clinch a dance performance of my own choreograph and it was the most successful event of that time. Destiny have another to share for me and In March i made my mind up to continue life with another road that can create a more family time, my time and my career time. That job was nice and beautiful but the hours was indeed challenging and bidding farewell for my friends wasnt done as i was involved with another scenarios and having my Manager to come personally to my place to wish me luck was the touchiest event ever. Thank you guys. 🙂

23 April, someone dear to me bid earth farewell and having done to my fullest best in making sure she was taken care of beautifully, tears of joy often swept past my cheeks upon every memory i had. She made me strong and i shall be strong. May God bless her soul always. Love you forever.

May comes and i was brought upon a new destiny. A path which is till now with me and it does made me feel great with the different style approach i take with each working hours. My new workplace. A nice subtle with colourful people. Thank you for bringing me here.

My bdae, My sister bdae, all were celebrated happily and it was a memory. I brought home a rabbit from SPCA and his name is Diamond Thambee and he is my baby love.

Overall 2011 is a quiet year filled with my challenges that i breathe upon and tears as each experience i went through and today starting of 2012 shall be a different start of everything. 2011 was really an episode where i learn of various characters that i can take and learnt lesson from both good and bad. Bless be

2012 is the last year and perhaps the last dance.

That shall be another entry. Happy new year my beloved readers and stay happy always and for the record hahah i have something that i never thought i would have, a red psp that i always eyes on since 4 years ago. 🙂


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