Sometimes …

Where do i begin? Where do i start from. My life has been a major hectic daily schedule that i really look forward to my off days where i can be no one else but simply myself. No layering, No nothing and simply me. A boy with a cap and some hair sticking out from underneath the maroon cap and a simple t shirt and jeans. Yup. Its ok cause im happy.

I shall not indulge in anymore unnecessary stuffs and situations where i shouldnt be in it. No more and it really ends here for that. Confirm.

I hate the fact that i amd forcing mysef to exercise daily to achieve the targets set but sometimes i just want to eat and sleep all i want without thinking of the consequences. Still i cant do that now that is the toughest part of my life.

Today i just found out something. Something which badly strikes me like a sore loser. Not in that mannerĀ  but just character wise. How could i not see the hints and the points. Where was my brain these days.

Due to that im actually thinking of the alternatives and seriously i cant wait for my work examinations to be over because than i will be more relax and exam free. My head has memorized to many statements and facts.

Tomorrow is my off day and im planning to pay my bills. Yup i should or i shouldnt. Am clueless. Pay will be in by tonight. Bless me.

Good nitey everyone and yes Madhuri Dixit is indeed gorgeous.


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