Chaal AlmorE

I indeed felt a slight sadness that is very different from overwhelming when i heard the news yesterday. To such an extent the life game has taken her. May what has in store for her will be a good news for me too.

At work, the results is out and i got 2nd from the list of those who did the test. Kinda happy but the real major examination will be on the 14 February morning. I have been trying my very best and hope i can see smiles on my face. No matter what the option of the other alternative is indeed in my thinking. Hmmm

For that someone, i really cannot do anything other than just ignore and simply ignore. Too much thoughts have been filled and just couldnt find a communication topic to chat upon anymore. Thats the reality of life. I have learnt to trust myself alone more.

Other than all this happening, March is coming soon and the plans i had from 7 January is indeed coming soon. The weddings last i heard is on 17 March perhaps? Dont know.

Thats all from me now. Tata