A Tuesday Story

Its officially 06 March today and since the day i have been counting form 06 January, i just have to wait for 24 more days before its the end of March where i have been setting my aim for.

Yup its been a hectic day somehow before and yes i have to learnt to have trust issues cause No one can be trusted. And if there is someone, all the necessary 5ws and a how should be asked first before simply telling a personal encounter of feelings cause looks is indeed deceiving. No matter how nice or how un-nice on is, trust is always a problem caused the next minute someone else will know. Young or old, its the same and often my heart failed me and i get the consequences so now be it crook or hook, my stuff, my life is all within me and perhaps my diary till an angel decide to send me someone really trustworthy again.

I bought myself a quranic verses cd and its indeed touche to the heart and listening to it indeed brings me memory of the past till tears drop.

Yay i finally paid my Singpass card and in 6 weeks time my card will arrive along with all the offers with it and yes im rejecting UNION membership cause i dont think im suddenly for it. Too much responsibility is never good and that member card is almost similar to Singpass so yes my words are for the CC singpass hehehe. I got a free Blue Bag too. 🙂

Single and single. Life is a breeze.

There are some nice bollywood song from new releases so let me hunt for them in Youtube and it will be yours to view and listen as well.

Guess what i bought Khurafat DVD at only $4 at Cash converter and it is still in good condition. Gonna watch it tonight and i need a Gym buddy lol.


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